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May - Oct May 12th - May 25th We open at 10:00 am May 26th - June 15th Weekdays 9.30 am, Weekends 9:00 am Memorial day Weekend (We could be starting at 8:30am) Depending on Weather June 16th - Sept 3rd Open Daily @ 8:30 am Sept. 5th - Oct 1st. 9:30am Closing times vary depending on the season and weather (Generally between 6-7pm weekdays 8-9pm weekends) HELLO CHICAGO FOLKS
We are on Eastern Daylight Time.
Not YOUR Central Daylight Time.


Summer of 2018, We will only have 2 Waverunners available to rent. We are renting the Waverunners on WEEKDAYS ONLY. (Excluding Holidays that fall on a weekday) What has changed is the cost of (WR) insurance, and lake congestion. We will evaluate at the end of the 2018 season, weather to add more new waverunners, or not. Sorry for this inconvenience.


Reservations for any of our boats can be made ahead of time either over the phone or in-person. We recommend that you call at least four days in advance to ensure a reservation, with more notice if you're planning on coming on a weekend or holiday. We will need a credit card number in order to confirm the reservation; You will not actually be charged until the day of your reservation; however there is a cancellation fee for cancellations with-in 72 hours of the reservation. Don’t worry You will not be charged a cancellation fee, if the weather is not cooperating the day of your rental. We require that you either call, or come-in before or at the time of your rental.

Multiple Day Rentals

When figuring the cost of multiple day rental prices, add the first day amount witch is the 8 hour price, with the 2nd day price, and then add the 3-7 days price for any amount of days after that. (example) 8 person pontoon. 1st day (8 hour price) $315. 2nd day $270. 3rd day $210. 4th day $210. _________ Total = $1,005. Refundable Damage Deposit $100. Total with deposit minus tax $1,105. Ask about our 15% off coupon on 3 days or more Reservations, if booked between (M-F) Can not over-lap weekend days • When making a multiple day reservation, please have as much information on were you are going to be staying on the lake as possible. Some Resorts and Rental houses do not have adequate Padding on there docks to protect boats from scratches or damage caused by wave action. We will help in this matter to the best of our ability, by offering bumpers, advanced docking instructions, or substitute docking. There are a few places on the lake that we just will not allow our boats to be docked at simply because our boats have been damaged there before, and in most instances it cost the customer more then there $100 Deposit. If we are unfamiliar with the place that you will be staying, we will investigate the docking conditions for you at no additional charge, and inform you of what we have learned.
• Reserve a boat for 2 or more days, and the $100 overnight charge is waived.

In order to rent a boat

• You must be at least 18 years old to drive rental boats, (21 to drive wave runners). WAVE RUNNERS: If you are between the age of 18 and 21 with a valid drivers license, ask about exceptions. • Everyone who's planning on driving the watercraft must bring their driver's license with them. We hold onto it while you're out on the water. • Drivers, who will be the driving of the boat, will be given boating instructions reflecting some of Indiana boating regulations, and our own boating rules. Our boat Instructor’s will also go out on the lake with you, showing you how to operate the boat. This will only take about 15 minutes, but we want you to feel comfortable driving our boats before you head out on your own. You should also familiarize yourself with all of Indiana boating regulations. http://www.boat-ed.com/in/handbook/pdf_index.htm • Waverunner rentals include a short 9 minute video, along with instructions.


Fuel is not included with rental prices. You will leave with a full tank of gas, when you return, we We fill it back up. You pay only what you have used.

Free Hour

Free hour: 3rd 6th 9th hour is free, it applies to Boats (Not Waverunners) that begin before 9:00am or within a half hour of opening. For example if you reserve a boat from 9am to 12 noon, 9am to 3pm, 9am to 6pm.. you pay the 2, 5, or 8 hour rate, for hours rented. If we don’t open in the early summer at 9:00am, then the eligible start time for the free hour is extended to a half hour after we open. If we open at 10:00am then the free hour extends till 10:30am.

Usage Fee

There is a "lake usage fee" of a flat $4.25 per rental, for the (Shafer & Freeman Lakes Environmental Conservative Corporation) www.sflecc.com

All major credit cards are accepted. Please no checks
Prices and or policy may change without notice.

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